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District must reassess how it penalizes people

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 6/21/14

I was having a conversation with my 85-year-old mom when she mentioned she had paid a hefty $500 water bill. This lady knows how to conserve; she often will walk up and down stairs to get warm instead of turning on the heat. She told me her water bill is usually in the $20 range but that she had a random leak, which is now fixed. I called the water district to seek relief for my mom, as a $500 fine is not going to change my mother's behavior around conserving water. I didn't understand why the district would take her money without telling her her options. I also wanted to know what the water district would do with their unexpected windfall. And to bill out at the highest tier seemed unfair since it cost no more for them to deliver their water. The representative did explain that they could credit part of the bill back after proof of the fix. I still wanted to know what they would do with the unexpected windfall and suggested they designate a worthy charity that could benefit from the money. I was told to bring it up with the board of directors.

Kirk Samis, Aptos

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