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Desal EIR skirts UCSC growth issue

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 6/7/13

The city's draft EIR for the desal project estimates the total remaining water conservation capacity to be around 100 million gallons per year and uses this figure in its supply and demand projections. But nowhere does it mention that the city has already promised LAFCO that future UCSC demand of up to 152 million gallons a year from development of the north campus would be offset through new conservation by city customers. Did the city forget to do some arithmetic or about what it promised to LAFCO? When you put in a low-flush toilet, rip out your lawn or take an army shower, will that conservation be allotted to UCSC growth or to reduce overall demand? Hopefully, after further expert analysis, this will be clarified in the final EIR.

Don Stevens, Santa Cruz

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