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Moss Landing desal should be on table

As You See It - Santa Cruz Sentinel 6/7/13

The draft EIR for the proposed desalination plant in Santa Cruz rejects considering simply connecting to the proposed 10 million gallon per day desalination plant in Moss Landing, stating that it is only in the early planning process and has an uncertain future. Instead, it considers in detail a variety of alternatives, leaving the Santa Cruz proposal as our only choice.

But, there is a better alternative. The Moss Landing alternative would involve extending a line from La Selva Beach to Moss Landing, possibly costing $15 million, compared a startup cost of $123 million for the Santa Cruz plant.

Also, the Moss Landing site already includes existing ocean intake and outfall pipelines, as well as existing settling ponds and over 100 acres for the recycling of the minerals extracted from the seawater. The recovery of those minerals was in fact how the site was previously used and why it already has much of the infrastructure needed for the proposal. As such, the site could provide a "green" alternative to the wasteful and polluting impacts of the Santa Cruz proposal.

Douglas Marshall, Aptos

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