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Let's grow wisely

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 6/6/13

All but one argument against the desal plant I have read have been addressed or are specious. For instance, "We've been fine up to now, why should we change?" The one concern is growth spurred by more available water. By hook and by crook, this growth will happen if the plant is built.

I will vote for the plant if the water rate schedule includes a "desal surcharge" applied to any new water use connections. The surcharge could work something like this: If the plant is turned on, the new hookups pay for water at the rate at which the desal plant produces it. If the plant had to produce more than the new hookups used, the additional cost would be distributed across the existing users. If the plant produced less than the new hookups used, the rate to the new hookups would be appropriately reduced. Thus, the water spurred growth pays for itself and is not a burden to the existing infrastructure.

Such a plan would have the side effect of encouraging "in-building," which is the more efficient use of areas already within the district limits, making the existing infrastructure more efficient.

Growth is inevitable. Let us do it wisely.

Gregg Ferry, Santa Cruz

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