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Water departments, restrict new hookups

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/31/13

The sky is falling. Over the past 40 years, the Soquel water department has been complaining about the lack of water. I suggested 40 years ago to limit hookups until they solve the problem. Here we are 40 years later with the same problem and they have probably doubled the number of customers. If you cut your water usage 15 percent, they will increase the cost to you of 15 percent to make up for the lost income because you're not using as much water which they've done before. Desalinization may be the solution, but what is it going to cost each customer every month? Whatever they tell us, you can believe it will be three times that. The Santa Cruz and Soquel water departments need to restrict new hookups until they solve this problem. If we OK the desalination, it will take water departments 5 to 10 years to get it up and running.

Ron Stephenson, Soquel

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