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Mike Rotkin's op-ed a new low

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/31/13

The gentleman that recently threatened "to outspend" opponents of desal has taken the community discussion to a new low. Instead of waiting to hear what opponents of desal actually do say regarding the Draft EIR, he seems more interested in being snide, condescending and pretty much wrong. Personally, I am spending huge amounts of time trying to read and understand the 6,000 page EIR. And so are countless others. To my knowledge, no one has said anything "official" about the document, be it pro or con. Why be so anxious to start right off calling the opponents "fundamentally dishonest..."? Could it be a fear that the big money Mr. Rotkin was talking about might not be able to "purchase" public opinion?

Cherie Bobbe, Aptos


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