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The Desal DEIR

Gary Patton, KUSP, Land Use Report, 5/30/13

The Community Water Coalition, or CWC, focuses on water policy issues. The law firm with which I am associated is representing the CWC, and that means that I have been assigned to read the 6,000-page Draft Environmental Impact Report (or EIR) that the City of Santa Cruz and the Soquel Creek Water District have prepared on their proposed desalination plant. The current deadline for comments is July 15th. I have links to the EIR in today’s transcript. I can also tell you that an outreach meeting will be held on June 3rd (that’s next Monday), from 12:00 noon until 2:30 p.m. at the Seacliff Inn, located at 7500 Old Dominion Court in Aptos. That is not personally what I would call a convenient time, but there you have it.

If I understand it correctly, The Draft EIR says that water demand associated with expected growth in the Santa Cruz Water Service Area will be 500 million gallons per year over the next twenty years1. The desal plant would produce 912 million gallons per year2. If that were split 60% to the City and 40% to the District3, the City would be getting just over 500 million gallons per year from the new plant4. The City says, however, it’s not about growth.

I hate to recommend that listeners start reading this bulky document themselves, but that’s probably a pretty good idea!

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