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The Planning Commission – Tonight

Land Use Report, Gary Patton, KUSP 5/24/12

The Santa Cruz City Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing tonight, at 7:00 p.m., on the City’s Draft 2030 General Plan. I never tire of pointing out how important the General Plan is, since the General Plan is the community’s “Constitution for land use,” and all project and public works decisions must be “consistent” with the provisions of the community’s General Plan. 

I know that there will be significant testimony tonight on some of the water issues that are so important to the City’s future. The reliability of the City’s water supplies for existing customers is definitely of concern. The current Draft General Plan estimates a growth in water demand of 500 million gallons by 2030, or a 14% increase in current water demand. This new water demand is more than the output of the proposed desalination plant, so even if that proposed desalination plant were built (and that’s hardly certain), there would be no increase in water security for current customers. Those affected by this issue include residents and businesses in Live Oak, Pasatiempo, and even parts of Capitola, as well as residents and business owners in the City of Santa Cruz itself. 

Water issues, of course, are not the only topic of importance. Think about speaking up. Tonight is not your last chance to comment, but it’s a good chance to comment. There is more information at

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