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More time needed with desal EIR

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/21/13

The draft EIR for the proposed desalination project is 6,000 pages long. Yikes! I have reviewed EIRs for three decades. This one takes the cake! There is no way this document can be read and reviewed in the now less-than-60 days comment period. I urge the City Council to extend the time we can have for this huge task to at least 90 days and 120 days would be even better. Since no decision can be made prior to a 2014 vote by the people, this extension on behalf of public participation, should cause no problem for the city.

Thousands of us who live in Live Oak and are city water customers should also have a public EIR meeting to serve our needs. The two scheduled meetings (Aptos and the Westside of Santa Cruz) do not serve 29,000 city water customers of District 1.

Jean Brocklebank, Live Oak

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