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Desal EIR a slap in the face

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/21/13

I am disheartened about the push to force a desalination plant on my neighborhood. Yes, a vote by the electorate is required before further steps are taken.

Nevertheless, it demonstrates a lack of respect for homeowners who will be affected by the noise. Westsiders purchase homes here for the tranquility. Imagine our surprise to learn that the Draft EIR discusses the potential pumps behind Pacific Collegiate School and on the corner of West Cliff Drive and Merced Avenue. They plan to drill through the cliffs, up the middle of the roads, and into the neighborhood to get to pump sites. The noise and other negatives will impact neighbors and would be a nuisance.

Why has this project progressed? Because the project is run by public agencies whose members are disregarding citizen input. Maybe the intake pumps should be placed near their homes.

Jon Hanson, Santa Cruz

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