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Rain catchment, not desalination

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/19/13

I am surprised to see so much time, money and coverage allotted to a desalination plant proposal in Santa Cruz when the idea of extensive rain catchment systems could be implemented so much easier, with less money and environmental impact. Here's a thought; rather than spending millions of dollars on desalinating the water, negatively impacting the ocean and ocean life with the water intake and the leftover brine, let's catch and use the rainwater that is already fresh and ready to use before it runs into the ocean and needs to be desalinated to use. We could start with schools and county buildings. This seems like a logical first step to try. I feel as excited about the prospect of a desalination plant in Santa Cruz as I do about the Highway 1 widening. Come on Santa Cruz, we can do better!

Moshe Vilozny, Live Oak

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