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Water on his mind

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/19/13

When the front lawn sprinklers wake me up in the morning, I usually snooze until the back lawn sprinklers come on. I like to wake up with a nice long warm shower, always having to wait until the toilet is done flushing to get the right temp (although it is currently leaking and never really stops running). I was a little bummed this morning because the runoff stream from the sprinklers in front got the Sentinel all wet, but I could still read most of it. The cars are dirty, and this is a good day to wash them in the driveway, so I will. Later, I'll head to work. I'm helping build 18 new units on the Eastside. It's hard to stay employed, so thank goodness for the developers. I'm hoping to get a gig helping build when the university expands. Anyway, go desal.

Chris Cobb, Santa Cruz

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