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We have no say

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/15/13

It is very discouraging to know that the Soquel Creek Water District and city of Santa Cruz continue to spend taxpayer money on a desal project that has not been given approval by the people of the county. I am very concerned that there are no checks and balances regarding county customers when it comes to money spent on this project. When I asked Ellen Pirie, my one-time supervisor, I was told the county had no jurisdiction over the Soquel Creek Water District and her statement was "you voted for them." Those of us who live in the county and have Soquel Water supplying our water have no say. After reading about the conflict of interest regarding a private group of people consisting of board members of both the city and water district, as well as businesses hoping to be involved in the construction, meeting in secret with no accountability to the public, I am very angry. There is enough rainwater coming down the various creeks and rivers that could supply many people with an adequate water supply. Build some reservoirs in the mountains to supply the people. Also restrict the number of building permits and control the amount of water used.

Judy Williams, Aptos

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