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City proceeds wisely on desal

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/15/13

Santa Cruz is once again under stage one water restrictions -- the fourth time in the last seven years that inadequate rainfall has reminded us that our current water supply is simply inadequate. Those of us old enough to remember Santa Cruz in the 1970s know how much worse it can get. The severe drought 35 years ago was a scary time.

Thankfully, our city officials haven't forgotten. They are moving forward in a responsible way to ensure a safe, sufficient and reliable water supply for our future. At the May 7 City Council study session, they made it clear that they are proceeding carefully and thoughtfully in the public's interest.

I, for one, appreciate the way our elected leaders are encouraging and facilitating education and public participation in what is, without question, the most important decision currently facing Santa Cruz.

On Monday, the city released the draft environmental impact report on a desalination plant, and over the next 60 days Santa Cruz residents can review this comprehensive document, get the facts for themselves, and help our city make an informed decision.

It should be obvious to everyone that we have a severe regional supply problem. The challenge is to ensure that we never again face severe water shortages like 35 years ago without a new and reliable source of supplemental water.

Tom Manheim, Santa Cruz

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