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Reservoir worse than desal plant

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/8/12

Jerry Paul's May 6 editorial on desalination is full of incorrect statements from the Desal Alternatives group. The city has spent many years examining new water storage options and determined that building a new reservoir would be more expensive and more environmentally harmful than a desal plant. Loch Lomond was built in the early 1960s before most current California environmental laws were passed. Does anyone honestly believe that building an additional dam and reservoir project is a viable alternative today?

Paul says the city has not looked at other projects involving "conjunctive use." In fact, the city and the Soquel Creek Water District have studied water transfers or exchanges. All principals involved in those discussions including the top-notch consultants Paul compliments recognize that such exchanges will not come close to what we need to get us through droughts, protect our aquifers, and sustain our fish habitats.

Trink Praxel, Aptos

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