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Meeting Advisories: Water and Agriculture

Gary Patton, Land Use Report, 5/7/13

This morning, I have a couple of public participation recommendations. Actually, I guess I have three. If you are a resident of Monterey County, let me remind you about today’s hearing at 10:30, on the Monterey County Fee Resolution. Current appeal fee levels on land use issues are so high that due process may be compromised. If you care, you should speak out.

Here are the two new items: First, at 7:00 o’clock this evening, the Santa Cruz City Council and the Board of Directors of the Soquel Creek Water District will hold a “study session” on the proposed desalination plant, and on the upcoming environmental review process. The proposed project would cost over $100 million dollars, and would represent a decision that we should build our water supply future on the premise that we don’t have to live within the natural limits of available water supplies. With desalination, the idea is that we can decouple water supply from natural limits, and can “manufacture water” to meet drought needs, and the demands of future growth. Think about attending this meeting tonight!

Second new item: On Wednesday, May 8th, tomorrow, the California Coastal Commission will hold a workshop on agriculture in the Coastal Zone. The workshop will be held in the Marin Civic Center. There is more information on all these items at

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