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Parallel universe?

Letter to the Editor, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 4/28/11

Tuesday a letter appeared in the Sentinel from a parallel universe where things happened differently than here. It asserts that in debate Toby and I "demonized" our opponents and relied on "fear mongering" rather than facts in supporting desalination. I doubt anyone present heard us attacking our opponents rather than their arguments. Our opponents are principled community activists working to find an alternative to desal. We argued that they are overly optimistic about how much a city that is already doing better than almost every other California community at conservation can depend on additional conservation to meet our water needs. Even our opponents realize we need new additional sources and argued for a water exchange between Santa Cruz and the Soquel Creek District. Unfortunately, Soquel Creek has a serious saltwater intrusion problem, not enough water to share and is our partner in studying desal to help meet their own needs.

Mike Rotkin, former mayor, Santa Cruz

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