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Where are leaflets on alternatives?

Santa Cruz  Sentinel 4/21/13

The city of Santa Cruz again is going to slip pro-desal information into our water bills. Wasn't this done once before, raising a public outcry? The desal notion attempts to balance two pollutions (treated sewage water and brine both going into the bay). If treated sewage water is good enough to pump into the bay on an ongoing basis, is this water not good enough to be used for landscaping and irrigation, i.e. on golf courses? Wouldn't this water be cheaper, thus balancing the cost of water, and not pollution? The city claims that piping recycled water would be "prohibitively" expensive, and yet has already spent nearly $14 million on desal studies. Where are the studies on the alternative concepts (such as piping recycled water) and their costs? Where are the leaflets that make a comparison between these systems so that Santa Cruz residents can make an informed decision?

Beth Ahrens-Kley,

Santa Cruz

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