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As You See It, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 4/17/11

Desal plant equals permanent crisis

In the recent debate, the Santa Cruz Desal Alternatives team unveiled ambitious lists of unsound measures pretending to address drought water shortages, including: 1 every summer and fall, a permanent drought emergency condition with mandatory water restrictions would be in effect, even during normal and wet years; 2 Soquel Creek district would be forced to cut water use 15 percent extra during an actual based on science drought to give to Santa Cruz customers; 3 Conservation expansion to intrusive hard-line mandates e.g. year-round rationing. Achieving permanent reduction targets requires a new brigade of permanent water police to enforce limiting showers to four minutes, installation of composting toilets imagine a porta-potty without deodorizer, and expensive installation of gray water or replace gardens and grass with rocks and weeds. As more light shines on the situation, sensible people will reject these muddleheaded alternatives.

Howard Whitney, Felton

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