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As You See It: Conservation, not desal, key to water future
Letter to the Editor, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 4/13/11

With regard to the Sentinel's April 7 editorial "New diversion in water battle," the city's proposed $100 million-plus desal plant looks more expensive than conservation measures. With the statewide water emergency declaration rescinded, we deserve long thinking. We live on the edge of rain forest and desert. Let's conserve, like the desert this is many years. Santa Cruz should be in the forefront of creating a sustainable water future that incorporates improved water storage, regional water sharing and aggressive conservation efforts. Let's continue to be an exemplary environmentally smart, can-do community. Santa Cruz risks becoming a laughing stock of California, while cash-strapped residents, businesses and ratepayers foot the bill for an expensive desal boondoggle.

Kae Bowland, Santa Cruz

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