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New development brings more water dependance

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 4/10/14

One of the reasons our water problem is growing is we continue to encourage new development. Existing water customers are being asked to conserve more and more. In today's Sentinal article about water rationing it said "if customer rationing doesn't save a targeted 25 percent, the city could mandate deeper cuts of 35 percent and include businesses in rationing." Why are businesses excluded from the first round of rationing? Many residents have been dramatically conserving water for years by not flushing toilets, using graywater, taking out their lawns, etc. These customers are going to be asked to cut their low use by 25-35 percent? Businesses can take it easy and ignore the problem until residents fail in cutting use by 25 percent? Also can rationing be made more fair by basing use on number of residents per household rather than on previous use? How about limiting development?

Christine Altermann, Santa Cruz

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