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As You See It, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 4/8/11

Congress should get rid of fisheries service

It becomes more and more obvious that the City Council is wasting its time trying to solve the water problem. The engineering solution has been known for years: a little dam on a little creek produces a beautiful environmental gem just like nearby Loch Lomond, a delight for all humanity, and a solution to our water problems for many years to come.

What stands in our way? A massive federal government that is telling us a few fish are more important than millions of its citizens. That government, which is unable to control its own pocketbook, has established thousands of agencies to which it pays little or no attention. One is known as the National Marine Fisheries Service, which seems dedicated to the proposition that man should never again build a dam anywhere a single fish is found.

One shudders to think of what kind of a nation we would now be if these dam fools had been in power during Franklin Roosevelt's administration; he would never have been able to build a dam anywhere. It's time to eliminate such anti-human ghouls. We should be talking to Congress members, senators and everyone else in Washington. Even if they can't manage the federal pocketbook, they ought to be able to eliminate a useless bunch like the National Marine Fisheries Service, which is serving us more harm than good.

Let's stop barking up the wrong tree.

Howard Mauthe, Watsonville

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