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City should set up desal website

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 4/6/12

Drama and fear are being drummed up by those stridently opposed to any desalt project, to the detriment of us all. Because of these dramatic tactics we, the voters, need help! The angry cries all around only serve to muddy the waters rather than clear them. We all need help in getting clear, concise answers to questions and concerns. To that end I propose the city set up a website for a Q&A section wherein our water department experts and city leaders can respond to questions/comments left by us. Perhaps it could start out with a series of FAQ's, because as I discovered quite quickly once I began looking into the matter, nearly all the criticisms and alternative ideas floating about have already been seriously considered and addressed.

My goal, my hope, is that we can defuse the emotions and the rhetoric so that Santa Cruzans may make a wise choice when they step into the voting booth.

Teren Ellison, Santa Cruz

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