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Expand your mind, not water use

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 4/6/12

City officials argue that we need an expandable seawater desalination plant because we don't have a reliable water supply. Yet at LAFCO hearings, those same city officials argue that LAFCO should extend city water service to the proposed UC Santa Cruz expansion because we do have a reliable water supply. Their positions flip-flop depending on the audience. However, both positions share enthusiasm for expansion: an expandable desal plant would facilitate an expandable university. Both enterprises would extend our human footprint -- down into the ocean, up the hill, and, ultimately, into the air, as well, where the increased use of fossil fuels to operate the desal plant would add carbon dioxide to the Earth's atmosphere.

It is time we humans curtailed our expansion into the homes of fish, land animals, birds and plants. What needs expanding is our imaginations -- we must find ways to live within the constraints of our watershed.

Jude Todd, Santa Cruz

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