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Desal is only real alternative

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 4/5/12

It's difficult to be impressed that five of the 22 living former Santa Cruz mayors oppose desalination -- particularly when only one of them has been in office for more than a decade and none of them has had to deal with the factual information that led every Santa Cruz city council and mayor for the last decade to continue the investigation of desalination as a backup supply for serious droughts.

Many of us began as opponents of desalination but, as every alternative we investigated turned out to be infeasible, city council after city council has voted unanimously to pursue desalination as the best hope for addressing our desperate need for an additional water source in serious droughts. At this point, opposition to our only real alternative for drought protection looks like classic know-nothing politics with respect to the real choices that the city of Santa Cruz and Soquel Creek Water District face.

Mike Rotkin, former five-time mayor of Santa Cruz

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