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Santa Cruz Weekly, 4/3/13

Re: “Wrong Approach” (Letters, March 20): Let’s get real about solutions to the City of Santa Cruz (City) and Soquel Creek Water District’s (SqCWD) water supply problems. Misinformation being published alleges SqCWD has a viable alternative to the proposed desalination project. That so-called alternative is in fact mandatory reduction of at least 35% year-round for 20 years. This draconian concept would have severe adverse impacts on the quality of life and local economy. The point SqCWD made by adopting the policy to pursue 35% mandatory rationing in the absence of the proposed desalination project is that there is no “Plan B” that solves the groundwater crisis.

The city has been criticized for not having a “Plan B.” The truth is that they share the same dilemma. There are no other viable options–individually or in combination–that solve the water shortage. Added to drought shortages are new fisheries regulations that will significantly restrict the city’s use of streams it depends on.

Bottom line: Both the city and SqCWD conducted thorough and responsible due diligence on the water issue. Desalination is the only environmentally, socially and economically responsible solution.

If you support a realistic approach to solving our water needs, please join the Sustainable Water Coalition

Dan Kriege
Former Director, Soquel Creek Water District

Mike McClellan
Former Member, City of Santa Cruz Water Commission

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