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No desalination plant means rationing

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 4/3/13

The media missed a big local story: The Soquel Creek Water District board adopted a resolution stating "...if the proposed desalination project does not proceed, then the district will pursue mandatory water rationing designed to reduce demand to the groundwater recovery goal ... for at least 20 years in order to assure a sustainable groundwater supply." This means an enforced, long-term water-use reduction of 35 percent. We did this because seawater is headed to our wells, and we are committed to protecting and restoring our aquifers as well as salmon and steelhead habitat. Alternatives to desalination have already been explored at length by experts over many years. Our community has already done a great job of conservation, using less than one-half the California per person average. So without desalination, our water crisis can't be solved without imposing unprecedented rationing with severe impacts to our customers: deprivation not conservation.

Rick Meyer, Aptos (board of directors, Soquel Creek Water District)

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