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Walk to support a vote on desal

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 4/2/12

Five former city of Santa Cruz mayors will join residents for a walking tour in support of the right to vote on the desalination ballot initiative on Saturday. Former mayors Jane Weed, Chris Krohn, Tim Fitzmaurice, Celia Scott and Bruce Van Allen will assemble on the Mitchell's Cove bluff at 3 p.m. to speak about the proposed initiative. There will then be a walking tour along the route of the ocean intake and brine discharge pipelines to the two proposed sites for the seawater desalination plant on Delaware Avenue.

Volunteer petition gatherers are canvassing the nearby neighborhoods in advance of the high-visibility event. The ballot measure would amend the city's charter to guarantee the citizens' right to make the final decision on a desal plant. A charter amendment can only be approved by voters and can't be reversed by the City Council without a further vote of the electorate.

For more information on the planned walk, contact Paul Gratz at 419-6441 or by email, Information can also be found at or

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