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Taxpayers part of desal puzzle

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 3/29/12

At the last desal task force meeting, I commented that their interactive iPad “water use survey” ends with propaganda. Following interactive questions about water use and awareness of the water problem, a screen displays a four-piece puzzle with three pieces interlocked, representing conservation, drought measures and existing water supplies. The fourth piece — desalination — hovers near the empty space, ready to complete the puzzle. The message is clear: Desal is the only solution to our water problem.

Why is the cash-strapped city using ratepayer revenue to fund desal propaganda?

Since the city recently approved an ordinance allowing the voters to decide on desal, why will it not discuss a backup plan should the voters reject desal? Is there such a plan? Is the water crisis really as desperate as the city claims, and is there not sufficient time to discuss openly and reasonably the full range of proposed options?


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