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Study wastewater treatment options

Letter to the Editor, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 3/27/12

A writer requested that Santa Cruz water management provide transparent access to various alternatives that have been evaluated for future water requirements. Evaluation of the case [ultra-filtration to extract 2.5MM gallons/day from the current about 9 MM gallons/day of treated wastewater, followed by treatment with ozone] should be available for review and comparison to the desalination case. Since the impurities in treated wastewater can be rejected by selective membranes at much lower pressures than are required for the high osmotic pressures of seawater, operating and capital costs are expected to be substantially lower. Polishing by ozone treatment can be expected to eliminate any residual carbon matter. This approach would be well-suited for recharging the Soquel water district's aquifers. If this approach is substantially lower cost than the desalination route, than education of permitting organizations should be pursued so that it can be implemented as needed.

Bill Selvidge, Santa Cruz

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