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Wrong Approach

Santa Cruz Weekly, 3/20/13

Although the City of Santa Cruz and Soquel Creek Water District are partners on planning a desalination plant, the differences in their water policies are a cause for concern.

While Soquel Creek District has invested time and money on a Plan B in the event that voters or regulatory agencies kill the desal project, Santa Cruz has invested no funds in investigating alternatives since it settled on desalination in 2003.

While Soquel Creek District has had an award-winning water-neutral development program since 2003, Santa Cruz has allowed growth to diminish its drought security.

Soquel Creek District projects that their conservation efforts will result in a decline in water demand of 7 percent by 2030. The City projects water demand will increase by 8 percent during the same time frame.

The District has written to the Santa Cruz City Council asking to negotiate transfers of water between the agencies, and the City Council did not respond.

Rick Longinotti

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