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The desalination information is out there

 Santa Cruz Sentinel, 3/18/12

In a March 11 letter to the editor, Doug Engfer wrote that it is time for city staff to share the facts and assumptions behind their focus on a desalination facility over other alternative proposals. Mr. Engfer fails to mention that everyone has access to the scores of documents resulting from more than 10 years of study on alternative water sources by the city water and Soquel Creek water agencies by visiting the website. Included are videos from community meetings, handouts, brochures and other information developed to present this technical information in layman's language. Yes, Mr. Engfer, this issue is too important to be resolved without a full open discussion with ratepayers -- and too important for us ratepayers not to review the background research before developing our own opinions. Please start educating yourself now on desal by reading more than just the letters to the editor.

Trink Praxel, Aptos

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