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Santa Cruz Sentinel, 3/15/11

Environmental extremism blocks true progress

The article by Howard Whitney on our local water problems is headlined, "Desalination the best solution to water woes," but that is not the impression I get when reading it. 

Whitney's credentials concerning public water supplies are impeccable in every respect. In his article he writes "in the 1994 Water Supply Alternatives study ... myself ... Bill Cox and the engineering consultants lobbied staff, the commission, the committee and council to consider a number of dam alternatives. In my opinion, the City Council decided not to study dam projects after1994 for political reasons. I did not like this decision..."

In 1994, in addition to these recommendations from all of their experts, the City Council already knew they could build a dam on Zayante Creek, which would have solved their water problems for a century, but they were afraid to do it for political reasons. Afraid of what? Environmental extremism, a vicious mental infirmity which is damaging our country and our lives. How long are we going to bow to scientific incompetence, endangered species acts and global warming? Extreme environmentalism has become the greatest danger to humanity since the Black Plague.

Howard Mauthe, Watsonville

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