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Desal rationale a big, fat lie

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 3/14/12

The argument for desalination circles around a big, fat lie just like the Earth circles around the sun. The production and distribution of desalinated water will never be controlled locally as proponents claim. The state of California, the UC system, land developers, and the immigration lobby will never allow the production of water to be artificially capped. By judicial decree or legislation, drought or no drought, a desalination plant will burn fuel 24/7.

If the state can force California communities to build unwanted housing, why would they allow a water agency to restrict the availability of water?

Unrelenting mass immigration and high immigrant birth rates make the concept of desalination for California communities pointless and futile.

California only has a few desalination plants for a good reason -- it's a terrible idea that could never keep up with California's devastating population growth.

Bruce Mathias, Aptos

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