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Kudos to council

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 3/12/12

Commendations to the City Council for acknowledging the need for a public vote on desalination in a regular election. Today, I voice my hope that the city respects the rate-paying citizenry enough to engage in a full, frank and fact-based discussion of the various alternatives to durably, sustainably and affordably address the city's water-supply issues. Too often, thoughtful alternative proposals are dismissed by city staff and officials with "we've researched that and it won't work." OK, if we've done the research, now is the time to share all of the facts and assumptions. If the facts are truly compelling and the assumptions accurate, then the conclusion will be clear. This issue is too important, the proposed investments too costly, and the implications too far-reaching to be resolved without a full, open, respectful and intellectually honest discussion with us, the affected ratepayers.

Doug Engfer, Santa Cruz

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