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More regulation needed

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 3/13/12

The Sentinel's March 8 editorial bemoans regulations like typical Republicans. However, as long as elected officials are in bed with developers and the Chamber of Commerce, we are fortunate to have regulations and regulatory agencies like the Coastal Commission and LAFCO to protect us from the "what's good for business is good for the city" mantra. Our community would be crushed by rapacious development and crony capitalism without independent and objective oversight. Fortunately LAFCO, led by Supervisor John Leopold, passed a motion that protected water resources, ratepayers, and a pristine natural reserve. Without LAFCO's courageous action UCSC would be unrestrained to construct 3 million square feet of buildings and force an industrial desalination plant down our throats.

The Sentinel is part of the power structure that attempts to control local politics and development. If the Sentinel had its wishes, all development regulations would disappear along with labor laws, environmental protections, progressive taxation, and a host of enlightened reforms. Hummm, what happened without adequate regulations in the financial industry?!

Because of the moribund Republican Party, the Sentinel has to support centrist, pro-business Democratic majority to do their bidding. Just remember their vision.

Ron Pomerantz, Santa Cruz

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