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One desal vote is enough

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 3/7/12

I am writing to thank the Santa Cruz City Council for approving a citizens' vote on desalination. Before the council made this commitment and agreed to put the vote on a regular election, Desal Alternatives was working on a ballot measure requiring a second desal vote by the people.

But now that the council has committed to place the measure on a regular election, and given that no City Council in this community could ever go back on a commitment for a democratic vote on the matter, I fail to understand why the opponents are still gathering signatures for a ballot

measure requiring a second ballot measure on desalination. Ballot measures are expensive and I have to think that the desalination opponents are being rather cavalier about the city paying for two elections when only one makes sense. Please don't sign this petition.

Mike Rotkin, former Santa Cruz mayor

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