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Why so hostile to tech advancement?

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 3/1/12

Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Marin counties' disproportionate number of PG&E customers opposing SmartMeter installations has me wondering what it is about these areas that sows such contempt for technological advances. I have lived in Santa Cruz County for nearly 10 years and having been raised in the common-sense Midwest. I simply do not get it. Is there something in the water here? Does the area attract malcontents? Is it passed on from one generation to the next? The 1960s ended 42 years ago. I recently visited a friend in Phoenix, noticed his SmartMeter and asked about the response there given the histrionics in Santa Cruz. He wondered what in the world I was talking about. Someone please explain it to me, for this is occurring with the proposed desalination plant as well. I am apparently a simple man who has been told he has no aura. Is this bad?

Ken Sovey, Soquel

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