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Tertiary treatment the way to go

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 2/25/14

When I read Martha Dunn's letter about tertiary treatment, it tweaked my memory. Quite a few years ago, Castroville was lowering its water table irrigating crops and getting salt water into their water supply. I was involved in a small way piping the water from the little treatment plant in Seaside next to the freeway back to Castroville. This plant was treating the water to the 97 percent level. Anyway, we piped the water back to Castroville and put it into the water table under Castroville. They no longer have a water problem. Why can't Santa Cruz do the same thing? We don't treat our water properly, and pump it through a very large pipe way out into the bay so that we are not bothered by the smell of the poorly treated water, and we pollute the bay. Wouldn't upgrading our plant to tertiary level and recycling it back to the water table, increasing our water supply, make sense so that we wouldn't need a big fancy high dollar desalination plant that might not work anyway? Also, back in the mid-'70s, some people in the industry found an abandoned quarry in the hills near Felton that would hold more water than Loch Lomond reservoir. We wanted to pump water out of the San Lorenzo River in winter and fill this quarry. It would have doubled our water storage supply, but our politicians said that would promote growth. Give me a break.

Robert E. Smith, Santa Cruz

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