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The Desalination Task Force Tomorrow

Gary Patton, Land Use Report, 2/19/13

Persons who live within the boundaries of the Soquel Creek Water District, or within the Water Service Area of the City of Santa Cruz, should be interested in the so-called “SCWD2” Desalination Task Force. The acronym translates as “Santa Cruz Water Districts-2.” The City of Santa Cruz and the Soquel Creek Water District (i.e., two water districts) are jointly planning to build a desalination plant costing upwards of $100,000,000. The Desalination Task Force is overseeing the development of this proposed project. The Task Force consists of two members of the Soquel Creek Water District Board and two members of the Santa Cruz City Council.

Tomorrow, the Desalination Task Force is scheduled to meet at 7:00 p.m. in the Soquel Creek Water District Board Room. More information can be found in today’s Land Use Report Blog.

I encourage KUSP listeners to start doing some self-education on desalination. The cost of desalinated water is many times more than the cost of the water currently produced, and the environmental impacts of desalination are very significant.  Thanks to a community-based initiative measure, voters in the City of Santa Cruz will get to vote. Not true if you are outside the City. Inside or out, residents have a vital stake in the upcoming decision on desal. The meeting tomorrow is open to the public!

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