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Santa Cruz Sentinel, 2/18/11

Land-use commission shows its independence

As a student and a resident of an active community, I applaud LAFCO's efforts on its Feb. 2 meeting. The commission refused to bow to pressure from the city attorney and reaffirmed its stance as an independent agency capable of exercising independent thought. Furthermore, the members commendably unanimously voted to strengthen their current water policies through more decisive language and more specific targets, both of which will aid in the coming months over larger county issues such as desalination and university expansion.

In maintaining an independent state, LAFCO is sending the right message to the city, county and university -- namely, that they refuse to be bullied or cowed to local individual pressure. In our times of economic woe and the decay of public institutions, it is reassuring to know there is a local government agency that will reflect not its own will, but the will of the represented people.

Danielle Dooley, Santa Cruz

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