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Build water storage tanks on Westside

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 2/17/12

My question about the proposed desalination plant being considered is: Since salt is the byproduct of making freshwater and is reintroduced into the ocean using a saline solution, what is the long-term effect? Over time what harm will this have on sea life in the area surrounding this plant? We live in the Monterey Bay sanctuary, where sea life is protected. Do the needs of man outweigh the infusion of more salt into the ocean or the harmful change to the ocean's ecosystems ?

The Westside residents don't want any traffic or big-box stores coming to where Lipton use to be. Use that land and build huge storage tanks to use as emergency water source for city use. The residents would have no complaint since there is no traffic other than building these tanks. These storage containers would hold millions of gallons of fresh water and be filled by the city's water treatment plant as the San Lorenzo River allows.

Stephen Welch, Santa Cruz

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