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Santa Cruz Sentinel, 2/12/11

Bureaucratic time wasted on water

The director of SCMUD and the general manager of Soquel Water did respond to the need for a sea-water desalination project As You See It, Sentinel, Feb. 4. One has to be impressed with the great amount of bureaucratic time spent on planning water-supply development. However, they failed to emphasize the enormous cost to the distribution customer -- rarely a bureaucratic concern. Many letters have been sent to the Sentinel expounding the blessings of Santa Cruz topography that allows free rainwater to be impounded, then gravity flow same at minimum cost to processing plants and the distribution system. The Zayante Dam project, the primary engineering, land acquisition and EIR was completed years ago and was rejected on unreasonable grounds. Little or no research was completed, also the Zayante quarry recharge system. Santa Cruz politicians and directors have set their sights on their pet project and nothing is going to deter them. Cost, logic, etc. take a back seat as they are tenacious in their pursuit.

Owen Miller, Aptos

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