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Inform yourself about desal

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 2/8/13

While waiting for the city to educate us further on the necessity of desal, it might be useful to educate ourselves a bit from other-than-city-approved sources. One example of letting gravity bring water to a thirsty city by way of an aqueduct and associated plumbing and storage is the Lisbon "Aqueduct of Free Waters." Completed in 1744, it's more than 10 miles long, and its slender Gothic arches soar 70 feet high over the city. What about earthquakes? Lisbon suffered one of the worst earthquakes in history in 1755, and the aqueduct stood firm. It still does. The (free) Wikipedia entries under "Lisbon Aqueduct" and "Lisbon earthquake" add interesting perspective to the "impartial facts" the city will sell to us with our tax money.

John Wilkes, Live Oak

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