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I'll pay to protect our water supply

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 2/5/13

Many of us in the Soquel Creek Water District are aware of the serious threat we face from saltwater intrusion and are willing to pay higher rates to protect our water supply. With an average 9 percent fee increase in each of the next 3 years (only 7 percent for low to average users), the district will be able to replace unreliable wells farther inland, address hexavalent chromium in existing wells, make necessary infrastructure improvements, and expand its conservation program. These are changes that are absolutely needed whether we build a desal plant or not. All of us in the Soquel Creek Water District need to wake up and realize that unless we start valuing our water in a different way, it won't just be a matter of how much it costs, but of how significant reductions in its availability will affect our lives and our property values.

Trink Praxel, Aptos

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