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Tuesday, February 1, 2011 – A Bit More On Water

As promised, here is some more information on the proposed new water policies that will be discussed tomorrow by the Santa Cruz County Local Agency Formation Commission, or LAFCO.
LAFCO’s current guidelines do not contain any requirement that agencies that want to extend new water service outside their existing water service boundaries should be able to demonstrate that they actually have a reliable supply of water. If LAFCO decides to follow the recommendation of its Water Policy Committee (chaired by County Supervisor John Leopold), it will put the following new guideline into place:
In any proposal requiring water service, the Commission requires that the agency that will provide the water will need to demonstrate the availability of an adequate, reliable and sustainable supply of water.

This introductory statement in the proposed guideline is then followed by four subparagraphs of specific examples and exceptions. The law firm I work with is representing the Community Water Coalition, or CWC, and the CWC is urging even stronger language.

Every County resident and business owner has a big stake in whether or not water agencies will have to demonstrate an adequate water supply before extending new service. Think about providing your own views to LAFCO tomorrow.

For KUSP, this is Gary Patton.

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The LAFCO hearing will be held in the Board of Supervisors Chambers, located on the Fifth Floor of the Santa Cruz County Government Center, 701 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz. You can communicate with LAFCO by sending an email to the LAFCO Executive Officer, Pat McCormick. He can be reached at -

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