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Water issues at top

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 1/21/14

Has it occurred to anyone that, perhaps the failure by the city's water managers to present a series of alternative solutions to the city's water problems is related to the historic lack of engineering leadership at the top of the water department?

For over two decades we have had leadership that comes from the all-talk-no-action disciplines of paper shuffling and public administration. This kind of leadership has produced only disastrous results, namely desalination or paralysis. Yet, the city is continuing on this same course in hiring a new leader for the water department who has no engineering background of any sort. Isn't it time that we give a try to an engineer experienced in the disciplines of scientific analysis and with practical knowledge in the design and building of a multifaceted system that draws on all potential sources of water and all techniques and arrangements for managing this limited resource?

Aldo Giacchino, Santa Cruz

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