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Moss Landing desal plant makes sense

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 1/15/13
Construction of a large desalination plant at Moss Landing to serve Monterey Bay communities should be considered by each community considering desalination. Locating at Moss Landing gives access to electricity with negligible transportation losses; allows tie-ins to existing saltwater intake and outfall at the power plant with substantial savings compared to individual construction of such infrastructure; provides the economies of scale for a large 50 million gallon per day plant versus many smaller plants as now being studied. Full-time users such as Monterey, Marina, Soquel, etc., could be base loaders. Entities such as Santa Cruz, which only need incremental water in droughts, could draw as needed, with an appropriate elevated tier charge. This also should have the advantage that users are customers, not owners; and communities could be freed from the economic risks in such ventures (e.g., Carlsbad-San Diego desalination). These advantages outweigh costs for added pipelines.
Bill Selvidge, Santa Cruz

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