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Rotkin a voice for university

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 1/11/12

Congratulations to Mike Rotkin on his retirement from the university. With all that extra time on his hands he can now lobby full-time for UCSC instead of part-time. He can devote more time to the desalination program so the university never runs out of water as they expand onto more and more land and he can personally lend a hand to enforcing his pet program -- making sure all low-cost rentals are deemed inhabitable so those student renters will be forced to live on campus in expensive housing and eat campus food. And just so he knows how much they love him for all this, UC will let him teach there after he retires while he collects his pension. Way to play the system, Mike. Don't I hear the sound of ukuleles luring you to a retirement village in Hawaii? I'm sure you'd be really happy there.

Laurie Longenecker, Santa Cruz

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